About Elepy

Elepy is a Rest API Generation Framework/Headless Content Management System for Java/Kotlin developed by [Ryan Susana](https://ryansusana.com/). It is extremely customizable! The framework comes bundled with an admin control panel that lets you easily control your content. It's able to handle extremely complex objects with ease.

Quick Start

### Step One: Create and annotate your POJO's Create your Rest Model. The only mandatory annotation is `@RestModel`. This annotation is where you describe the name and /slug of your model. You should also take a look at [the awesome collection of Elepy annotations](/docs/annotations). [More about the Quick Start can be found here](/docs/getting-acquainted-with-elepy). ``` java @RestModel(name = "Products", slug = "/products") public class Product { @Identifier private String productId; @Text(value = TextType.TEXTAREA, maximumLength = 100) private String shortDescription; @Text(TextType.HTML)//WYSIWYG editor private String htmlDescription; @PrettyName("Product Name") @Required @Unique private String name; @Number(minimum = 0) private BigDecimal price; @Number(minimum = 0) private int stockLeft; //Getters and Setters. I like to use Lombok to automate this :D } ``` ### Step Two: Configure Elepy ``` java public static void main(String[] args) { DB database = mongo.getDB("product-database"); new Elepy() .attachSingleton(DB.class, database) .withIPAddress("localhost") .onPort(7777) .addModel(Product.class) //Add an Elepy extension //The AdminPanel/CMS is a great start :D .addExtension(new ElepyAdminPanel()) .start(); } ```

Powerful Content Management System

Elepy comes bundled with an (optional) content CRUD Content Management System. It also features the same level of customizability as the rest of Elepy. ![Preview of the CMS](/images/572b9-screenshot-2019-01-30-at-09-original)